Reconnecting your Nose in the Water

The Norstrel is a swimming accessory designed for the nose. It allows the swimmer to comfortably nose breathe during freestyle or other aquatic activities that require ones face to be submerged.

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The Human Nose is Highly Underrated!

The philosophy behind the Norstrel is rooted in nose breathing. The power of the nose cannot be overstated, yet, many of us our overlooking its many benefits. If only we would harness its utility!

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The Norstrel is patent pending

Co-inventors John Grube and Carolyn Collman have created a fully functioning prototype and is proving to make all the difference by allowing the user to relax and enjoy the meditative experience that nose breathing offers while swimming.

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Nose Breathing has been shown to:

  • activate calming parasympathetic nervous system response while decreasing sympathetic nervous system (flight or fight) response
  • lower perceived exertion during high-intensity exercise (with practice)
  • lessen severity of asthma/exercise-induced asthma -
  • facilitate diaphragmatic breathing -prevent hyperventilation
  • reduce perception of stress

-reduce blood pressure -decrease anxiety and depression

-alleviate snoring


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If the Norstrel swim mask sounds intriguing to you and would like more information about its history and developement please contact us!